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All HOVER-LURE® floats are engineered for maximum buoyancy and responsiveness. The dragonfly lure can be given a full range of naturalistic movements by simply working the line. 'Twitching', 'SSide to Side' and 'Wind Driven' are three techniques that give the dragonfly lure its life like characteristics.


1.Twitching: A subtle gentle tension applied to the line that simulates a dragonfly landing. By giving a simple twitch to the line at widely spaced intervals a slight ripple is created on the water near the float. The lure will respond as if the dragonfly has just landed. Viewed from below, Bass see this as an indication of fresh prey.

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Dragon Master Kit
  • For the Serious Angler!
  • 3 Float Fishing System.

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Swamp Hawk Kit
  • For the Serious & Amateur Angler!
  • 2 Float Fishing System.

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Pond Hawk Kit
  • For the Amateur & Weekend Angler!
  • 1 Float Fishing System.

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Hover Dragon Kit
  • Sample Package
  • 1 Float Fishing System.

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